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Tar   Heels   and   the   NBA

The Tar Heels have had the most players drafted into the NBA than any other team in college basketball history. The players have also been very successful during their careers. Michael Jordan, probably one of the best players ever, came from UNC. Here are some links to other sites so you can learn a little more about UNC players and the NBA.

Links to UNC In the NBA Sites

Players that were from UNC that Made it to the NBA or ABA
List of Players Who Went Pro
Greatest Players
Information About the Tarheels Greatest Basketball Players
Players In the NBA
Information About Players in the NBA
Players who have Won NBA Awards
List of Awards Won by Ex-Tarheels
Tarheels Drafted
A List of Ex-Tarheels Who Were Drafted
Carolina Alumni in the Pros
Information about Tarheels who Were Pros
Retired NBA Jerseys
Information about Players who have had Their NBA Jersey Retired

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