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UNC Players

The UNC Tar Heels have some of the most exciting players in college basketball today. The player profile links that are listed below go directly to the UNC Athletic Department, so that means they are official. The player's own webpages are also real. The players have designed their own webpages on the internet having to do with themselves. Take your time and check all of them out. Enjoy!

Links To UNC Player Profiles

Vince Carter: NBA Profile
Antawn Jamison: NBA Profile
Shammond Williams: NBA Profile
Ed Cota:
Shammond Williams' Own Website:
Antawn Jamison's Own Website:
Vince Carter's Own Website:
Ademola Okulaja's Own Website:
Makhtar Ndiaye's Own Webpage:
Ed Cota's Own Webpage:

Tim Waros