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1999-2000 Tarheel Team Preview
Team Preview
1999-2000 Tarheel Schedule Released!!
Tarheel Schedule

North   Carolina   Tarheel   Basketball  

During the course of the 1998-99 season the Tarheels faced many ups and downs. The Tarheels had a very young team and still played very well, producing another great season for North Carolina. UNC will be losing three players for the 1999-2000 squad, but the experience many of the younger players picked up this year will benefit them greatly next season. Ademola Okulaja, Brad Frederick, and Scott Williams will be the three players leaving from this season's team. The Tarheels will feel a loss in Okulaja, but there are many strong players returning. Among those players are Ed Cota, Brendan Haywood, Kris Lang, Jason Capel, Brian Bersticker, as well as the great recruiting class including Joe Forte. UNC will have a stronger team this upcoming season than they did the past season because the players will be more experienced. The Tarheels season schedule will be put out in August and I will have it on the site as soon as possible. Also, congratulations to Vince Carter on winning the Rookie of the Year in the NBA! Another congratulations goes out to Brendan Haywood for being chosen as a player for the World University Basketball Team!

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