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Hall of Fame
Carolina's Greatest Over the Years
At the Smith Center, the jerseys of these former players hang from the rafters.  These players were the greats that contributed to Carolina's winning program.  The first row of jerseys is reserved for two time first team All Americans or National Player of the Year honors.  The other two rows were at one time for All Americans, but two years ago Coach Smith changed the system to those who he thought deserved it.  Only the first row's jerseys are retired.
JACK COBB (1923-1926) Cobb was the University's first three-time All American, and helped the Tarheels to win the National Championship in 1924.  Cobb averaged 15 points in his three seasons where his team averaged 35.  Cobb captured the National Player of the Year in his senior season.
GEORGE GLAMACK (1938-1941) #20 Glamack earned All Southern Conference, All America, and National Player of the Year honors his last two seasons, a feat which had been done only twice at the time.  Glamack was called the Blind Bomber because of his poor eyesight and his amazing shot.
LENNIE ROSENBLUTH (1954-1957) #10 Rosenbluth set almost every record when he played at the University of North Carolina, some of which still stand.  Rosenbluth anchored the Tarheels in their 33-0 1957 Championship season.  He was a three time All ACC player and was ACC Player of the Year as well as National Player of the Year in 1957.
PHIL FORD (1974-1978) #12 Ford is arguably one of the greatest guards in college history, and was well known as the master of Smith's Four Corners offense.  Ford was a three time All America selection, Olympic gold medal winner, two time ACC player of the year, and 1978 National Player of the Year.
JAMES WORTHY (1979-1982) #52 Worthy led the Tarheels to the National Championship in 1981 and 1982, winning it in 1982.  Worthy was MVP of the ACC Tournament, All America, and co-National Player of the Year in 1982 before deciding to leave early for the Los Angeles Lakers.
MICHAEL JORDAN (1981-1984) #23 Jordan, as you know, went to great heights in the NBA, becoming the greatest player ever to play the game.  But he got a great start with the 1982 Heels, winning the National Championship as a freshman and hitting the winning jumper.  Jordan went on to win two Olympic gold medals and 1983 and 1984 National Player of the Year honors.
ANTAWN JAMISON (1995-1998) #33 I'm not sure, but I think Jamison will be on the front row this season.  Jamison won the National Player of the Year last year with the Tarheels and led them to the Final Four.  Jamison also went to the Final Four in 1995.  Jamison was drafted 4th in the NBA Draft.